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Lunar Zingers Freeze Dried Lemon Drop Candy Schimpff's 1.5 Oz

Lunar Zingers Freeze Dried Lemon Drop Candy Schimpff's 1.5 Oz

This Sweets item is sold by SpaceSnackers. Ships from Charlestown, IN. Listed on 30 Jul, 2023
Embark on a celestial voyage with "Lunar Zingers - Tangy Citrus Moon Bites" featuring the renowned flavors of Schimpff's Lemon Drops, an Indiana favorite! Indulge in the cosmic tanginess of Schimpff's Lemon Drops, meticulously freeze-dried to create Lunar Zingers that will take your taste buds on an interstellar adventure. These delectable citrus delights pay homage to the beloved flavors of Indiana's own Schimpff's Lemon Drops, now transformed into a celestial experience. Imagine yourself on a moonlit lunar landscape, savoring each bite of these exquisite Lemon Drops. As the freeze-dried magic unfolds, a burst of tangy citrus flavor engulfs your senses, reminiscent of the moon's enchanting glow reflecting on a lemon-infused universe. Lunar Zingers are the epitome of celestial snacking, merging the time-honored traditions of Schimpff's Lemon Drops with the extraordinary freeze-dried technique. Brace yourself for an astral taste sensation that will transport you to a lemony lunar paradise, where Schimpff's Lemon Drops and the cosmos collide in harmony. Take a cosmic leap and savor the celestial wonders of Lunar Zingers - it's an otherworldly delight that will leave your taste buds starry-eyed!

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