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Pantys Period Underwear, bikini

Pantys Period Underwear, bikini

Meet our best-seller! We developed our bikini for medium flow to forget your menstrual woes and/or daily leaks. Hypoallergenic and clinically tested to bring more comfort and security to your intimate health!
our most modern and versatile design for your flow. as our best seller, the bikini is the darling of the pantys collection. see the mesh fabric on the sides? it's not just for looking good while you menstruate—it's super soft and stretchy, flexing with your body as it changes throughout your cycle. ideally suited for a medium flow, those with a heavier flow can also wear the bikini on lighter days when menstruation winds down ;)

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Pantys Period Underwear, comfy

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Pantys Period Underwear, dry

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