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Studio Socks

Studio Socks

Texture meets grip with the all-new Naboso Studio Socks. Get more out of your mind body practice with the neuro-stimulating Studio Socks by Naboso.


COMFORT FROM HEAD TO TOE, The Studio Socks offer comfort and reliability in the studio. A silicone grip sole and internal silicone grip offer full

Studio Socks

Texture meets grip with all new Anti Slip Studio Socks., Get more out of your mind body practice with the Anti Slip Studio Socks. Our new inovative

Anti-Slip Studio Socks

Full Toe R Logo GripSocks (thin) – Gripsock

Socks – Pristine Studio

OFFICIAL Ghibli Studio Socks【 Update March 2024】

Get a Grip Studio Socks, Heather Grey

We've created the ultimate studio socks that will ensure maximum grip as you bend and plie your way into a more focused you. The Silver Yogi Forefoot

Stance Yoga Socks Silver Yogi Forefoot

Get a grip on your studio sessions, literally, in our neoprene sock with supportive gore straps and traction on the outsole.

Point Studio Sock

Feel grounded in your practice. These studio socks have grippers on the inside and outside to help you find your balance and keep the socks in place.

Women's Find Your Balance Studio Tab Socks

Pointe Studio Socks 🧡⁠ Long-lasting silicon grip extends from

Lola Studio Unisex Organic Socks