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The Sit-In Movement by

The Sit-In Movement by

Sit-In Definition, Civil Rights & Examples

U.S. HISTO MISC : U.S. History 2 - Friends University

The Peculiar Institution []

The Sit-In Movement []

Period 8: 1945-1980 (AP US History)

Sit-in movement, History & Impact on Civil Rights Movement

The Sit-In Movement []

Freedom Rides History, Definition, Map, Facts, & Significance

Greensboro Sit-In - Facts, Date & Definition

The Greensboro Sit-ins

Showdown in Little Rock []

Civil Rights Hot Spots, American Experience, Official Site

Teach your students the TRUTH about Martin Luther King Jr. using his speeches. Don't whitewash Black history. Let the powerful words of MLK speak for

Martin Luther King, Greensboro Sit Ins, Freedom Rides, March on Selma & D.C.