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Thong leotard ad. : r/RetroFitnessBabes

Thong leotard ad. : r/RetroFitnessBabes

Raquel Welch : r/RetroFitnessBabes

Can't help it, those thong fitness outfits are the best. Sometime

Jodie Low (Aerobics Oz Style) : r/RetroFitnessBabes

Cory Everson : r/RetroFitnessBabes

Thong leotards - We just can hope that this 1990s (gym) fashion

Crunch Fitness babes. : r/RetroFitnessBabes

Jaclyn Smith : r/RetroFitnessBabes

Deborah Shelton : r/RetroFitnessBabes

Jen Carman. The FIRM. : r/RetroFitnessBabes

Mirror mirror on the wall. : r/RetroFitnessBabes

Rockettes auditions : r/RetroFitnessBabes

Tamela Hastie. The FIRM. : r/RetroFitnessBabes

Aerobics Competition 1990 : r/RetroFitnessBabes

Heather Thomas : r/RetroFitnessBabes

Body Dance 1997 Aerobics : r/RetroFitnessBabes