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Mediterrano Dünger - Lück's Original Mediterrano mole stop

Mediterrano Dünger - Lück's Original Mediterrano mole stop

Mediterrano fertilizer mole stop palm trees
Recommended use: Do you also have problems with moles and don't know what else you can do? Are you tired of finding new molehills on your lawn every morning? We have the solution to your problem: Long-term studies have shown that our Mediterrano special fertilizer has an excellent effect on mole-infested lawns. Thanks to its unusual composition, Lück's Original Mediterrano Mole Stop repels moles and voles from lawns. The special fertilizer we developed is based on an organic mineral composition. The mole disappears within a few days because, among other things, the pH value in the soil changes, the earthworms disappear deep into the soil and the mole finds less to eat. Using the fertilizer is very simple: Twice a year - spring / autumn, 100g of fertilizer per square meter is spread on the lawn and the lawn is then watered. As soon as the fertilizer reaches the root, the mole will disappear after a short time. Furthermore, you also improve the quality of your lawn and you get a deep green and fewer weeds. Simply put it on the lawn and water it - done!! The result of a lawn fertilized with Lück' Original Mediterrano Mole Stop after 3 weeks: Before and after comparison lawn area treated with Lück's Original Mediterrano fertilizer If you need larger quantities of fertilizer or are a reseller, please contact us directly. Mediterrano Jörg Lück, Bismarckstr.44 40721 Hilden Tel. 02103 880378

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