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Steve Bumpus, of Hadley, Ky., looks at the Jesus Saves license

Chiefs and cities of Central Africa, across Lake Chad by way of

Jimmy Brandt poses with a tee marker after an exhibition December

U.S. Army Sgt. Steve Maher, 707th Explosive Ordnance Disposal

Lhasa. 10th Aug, 2019. Aerial photo taken on Aug. 10, 2019 shows

Australian divers Briony Cole and Sharleen Stratton compete in

In this Dec. 11, 2012 photo, Noelia Rios, 12, tunes her guitar

Lakers score 87 points in a spectacular first half and roll to a

Athens, Lombardy, Greece. 6th Oct, 2022. 22 EDY TAVARES of Real

Washington, United States. 13th Sep, 2023. Owner of X and CEO of

Russia's Kristina Ilinykh (left) and Nadezhda Bazhina competing in